{ invermere family portrait photography } team casey!

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Some Invermere family portrait photography fun with the Caseys!

The Casey family was so much fun!  Despite a quick reschedule for the weather… boy, did we get a fabulous morning!

It’s always such a pleasure to document a small piece of the time a family spends together.  It happens so seldom and takes some planning to make it happen… especially with little ones!  But it’s so very worth it!

These moments are so fleeting and with changes happening so quickly… toddlers turning into kids, bumps miraculously resulting in new babies, little kids turning into tweens – it’s so hard to freaking keep up.  We’re left with memories (and I’ve found those increasingly hard to hold on to – argh!) and photographs.

Note to self and anyone else out there listening:  TAKE PICTURES – and lots of them!!!  So these moments are reduced to a mere blur in our harried lives!

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